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App and web layouts by A.D.

On this page you find some apps for macOS and iOS and some web pages, which I developed in the last years.

  • ADbike 2 for iOS and macOS

    You see the iPad version of ADbike 2. ADbike 2 is a statistic app for your bike tours. You can enter the name of the tour, the distance, the time, the date, the maximum speed and the driven height metres. You can also set the bike you used. ADbike 2 will show you some statistics for your data. ADbike 2 is not only available for your iPad as an iOS version. It is also available for macOS.

    © A.D. 2021

  • ADchosA 3 for iOS and macOS

    Here you see an app for the Mac, which creates random results. The app can create one random result from images, letters, numbers or words. Additionally the app can create the numbers for your Lotto ticket, a password or a combination of different letters. The macOS version of ADchosA 3 is available like the iOS version.

    © A.D. 2022

  • ADhabu 2 for iOS and macOS

    Here you see the the data tab of the iPadOS version of ADhabu 2. ADhabu 2 is a simple housekeeping app where you define once your income. After that you can specify your outgoing categories. ADhabu 2 has also some statistics for you. ADhabu 2 is available for iOS (and iPadOS) and for macOS.

    © A.D. 2022

  • ADhoke 3 for iOS and macOS

    You see the main window of a housekeeping app. You can create accounts and categories. This app will be available for macOS and iOS.

    © A.D. 2021

  • ADschulung (German training webpage)

    Here you see a screenshot from a webpage, which is for a fictional training company. A live demo is available under web.ad-portfolio.net/adschulung.

    © A.D. 2016

  • Buy Your Car HG

    You see the game view of Buy Your Car. The game is based on a German animation called Kauf Dein Auto.

    © A.D. 2019

  • Hotel Riez

    Here you see a German web page of a fictitious hotel Riez. This web page is responsive, so it resizes, when the visitor uses a smartphone or a laptop.

    © A.D. 2013

  • Mac OS X style portfolio webpage (German)

    Here you can see a portfolio webpage with a Mac OS X style. For every activity is a different page with a specific program.

    © A.D. 2013

  • Portfolio webpage with a symbol design

    Here you can see a portfolio webpage with a symbol design. There are only three pages: What I do, what I love and who I am. And of course there is also a contact form page.

    © A.D. 2019

  • Soccer club Schmerzker Wölfe

    Here you see a German web page of a fictitious soccer club called Schmerzker Wölfe.

    © A.D. 2017

Apps for iOS and macOS by me

  • My last 4 updated macOS apps

    • ADwriting Stat (06/04/2023)

      With ADwriting Stat you can organize you written objects like poems and stories. his app is only for organizing. You cannot create text in this app.

      More information of «ADwriting Stat»

    • Buy Your Car HG (05/25/2023)

      Buy Your Car HG is a kind of a Battleship game. But in this age you not search for ships, you look for cars. It depends on a German animation, which I created.

      More information of «Buy Your Car HG»

    • ADstringConverter (05/23/2023)

      ADstringConverter is a small program, which allows you to alter a string or text. For that you have different choices.

      More information of «ADstringConverter»

    • ADwriting Stat 2 (05/22/2023)

      ADwriting Stat 2 is the successor of ADwriting Stat. With ADwriting Stat 2 you can organize you text items even better. You can add tags and the organization of the series items has changed.

      More information of «ADwriting Stat 2»

  • My last 4 updated iOS apps

    • ADfoDi M (04/04/2023)

      ADfoDi is your simple food diary for iOS and iPadOS. With ADfoDi you can identify meals and ingredients which causing pains.

      More information of «ADfoDi M»

    • ADchosA 3 M (03/16/2023)

      ADchosA 3 is the successor of ADchosA 2 and a random generator for your iOS or iPadOS device, which works with images, letters, numbers, passwords and words.

      More information of «ADchosA 3 M»

    • ADbike 2 M (03/15/2023)

      ADbike 2 M is the successor of ADbike for iOS. With ADbike 2 M you can organize you bike tours even better. For your bike tours you enter a name, the distance, the time, the date, the maximum speed, the used bike and the person who went.

      More information of «ADbike 2 M»

    • ADhabu 2 M (03/15/2023)

      With ADhabu 2 M you can manage your finances in categories on iOS and iPadOS, where each category has a maximum value.

      More information of «ADhabu 2 M»