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Designs, layouts and more by A.D.

On this page I show you some works in the field of design, which I created in the last years. So you can see graphics, sketches, layouts and a little bit more.

  • A book jacket for Aron

    The picture shows the cover for a German book called "Namenswelt: Aron".

    © A.D. 2017

  • A still life on a table

    A still life, which was firstly created in the real world. It consists of some books, a pencil case and some pencils.

    © A.D. 2006

  • Calendar 'HollandZeit'

    Here you see a calendar for the year 2021 in a Dutch style. The calendar is an update of a calendar from 2014. The style based on some Dutch porcelain and Dutch wallpaper.

    You can purchase this calendar in different formats on Calvendo.

    © A.D. 2019

  • Car, digital painted

    The car was drawn in Affinity Photo on an iPad. The cars was a first try to draw on an iPad with a graphic stylus.

    © A.D. 2020

  • Cover portfolio book

    Visible is the cover of a portfolio page from 2013.

    © A.D. 2013

  • Die gestohlenen Geschichten

    An excerpt of my German master thesis "Die gestohlenen Geschichten - Eine Erzählung mit vier Anfängen", which is a comic with 102 pages. This book has four beginnings, which you cannot see in the excerpt. Instead you can see some pages from the main part.

    © A.D. 2013

  • Flyer hotel Kablitz

    The picture shows a flyer for a fictive hotel called Kablitz. The top shows the front side and the bottom part shows the back side.

    © A.D. 2013

  • HerzZeit (Mosaik): Das verliebte Herz

    In 2019 I created a mosaic version based on a German graphic series called "HerzZeit". The picture shows the poster element "Das verliebte Herz" (Hearth in love) from 2020.

    © A.D. 2020

  • Kitchen as a vector graphic

    Here you see a kitchen, which was created myself, but is based on a picture. This picture was used in a small game for the iPad in my master degree course.

    © A.D. 2011

  • Lorry as a vector graphic

    The picture shows a lorry drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

    © A.D. 2013

  • Pencil case, painted

    This picture shows a collage of two paintings from a drawing course in my master degree course.

    © A.D. 2012

  • Snowman

    Based on a snowman figure I created a vector graphic in Adobe Illustrator.

    © A.D. 2012

  • Wedding card

    Visible are the two outsides of a German wedding card. The front side shows the owl and the back side the two frogs.

    © A.D. 2018