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  • ADbike 2 for iOS and macOS

    You see the iPad version of ADbike 2. ADbike 2 is a statistic app for your bike tours. You can enter the name of the tour, the distance, the time, the date, the maximum speed and the driven height metres. You can also set the bike you used. ADbike 2 will show you some statistics for your data. ADbike 2 is not only available for your iPad as an iOS version. It is also available for macOS.

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  • ADchosA 3 for iOS and macOS

    Here you see an app for the Mac, which creates random results. The app can create one random result from images, letters, numbers or words. Additionally the app can create the numbers for your Lotto ticket, a password or a combination of different letters. The macOS version of ADchosA 3 is available like the iOS version.

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  • ADhabu 2 for iOS and macOS

    Here you see the the data tab of the iPadOS version of ADhabu 2. ADhabu 2 is a simple housekeeping app where you define once your income. After that you can specify your outgoing categories. ADhabu 2 has also some statistics for you. ADhabu 2 is available for iOS (and iPadOS) and for macOS.

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  • ADhoke 3 for iOS and macOS

    You see the main window of a housekeeping app. You can create accounts and categories. This app will be available for macOS, iOS and iPadOS.

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