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You looked for works with Adobe After Effects. 5 results were found. Scroll down to see the results.

  • Buy Your Car (German: Kauf Dein Auto EV)

    Buy your car EV is a German digital animation. The main character wants to buy his first car from a car house. He will get one and will leave the car house with a yellow car. Later on he has a family, which will grow. So the main character goes again to the car house and will buy a new car. This step will repeat til he is old and his children are gone from home. Kauf Dein Auto EV is an easy version, so that the animation of the characters are easy and you cannot see them from the side.

    © A.D. 2012

  • Kauf Dein Auto LV (German)

    Kauf Dein Auto LV is another version of Kauf Dein Auto. This time it is an analogue animation with more realistic movement. The story is nearly the same as in Kauf Dein Auto EV, althought the number and placement of scenes are not the same.

    © A.D. 2012

  • MovArea

    This is an animation like "MovArea PostIt TV", but in this version the frame is not devided into smaller rectangles.

    © A.D. 2012

  • MovArea PostIt MV

    In my master study I was in a drawing course. There we got a task to choose three graphical shapes from ten, which the drawing leader gave us. Then we should morph between the three shapes and should create a frame by frame animation. This was done in Adobe Illustrator (all the frames) and in Adobe After Effects (the animation).

    © A.D. 2012

  • MovArea PostIt TV

    This is an animation like the above "MovArea PostIt MV", but in this version the shapes come visible in a triangle movement.

    © A.D. 2012